When we decided to renovate our offices, we knew right away who to go to.  Bill Craig is not only a talented architect but also one of our students.  We were sure he would know our needs and work within our budget.  We were not disappointed.

Bill worked tirelessly in sometimes difficult circumstances and made of our old and doughty reception room something modern and very elegant.  Bill is also a great interior designer, he helped us with the furniture, the lighting, the colors, and every minute detail was brought to the best level. 

The next step is redoing the classrooms and I am sure Bill will be up to the challenge and do another amazing job.

Martine Chauvet, Executive Director
French Alliance of Philadelphia


Every evening, when we're having dinner on our rowhouse roof deck that overlooks the Philadelphia skyline, we say a toast to Bill. Working with him was a true pleasure. He patiently helped us think through many architectural possibilities and went the extra mile to design a deck that would be functional, low-maintenance and beautiful, incorporating green materials whenever possible. Detailed and thorough, Bill was able to anticipate design elements and then track down products that would enable us to make optimal use of the space, and when it came to construction he diligently saw to it that the details of the design were followed. Everyone who visits our deck is awestruck by its elegant beauty. 

Patricia Pearce & Kip Leitner


Making excellent use of a hilltop site in rural Vermont, Bill Craig designed the perfect house for me: ecologically sound, practical in use and maintenance, with clear, peaceful lines. His careful attention to detail –both in the planning and the construction – gave the compact building a sense of space, making it a real delight to be in. 

Anita Fahrni


Working with Bill was a great education and a rewarding collaboration.  He brings enormous care and laser-focus to a project, but also has a great capacity to consider both his clients and their contractors’ point of view, and to continually check-in to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the scope-of-work.   Bill totally gets it when it comes to balancing design choices with budget and time constraints, and he helps his clients understand these things too, which is no small feat! 

Noam Kugelmass


Bill is a deeply thoughtful designer and a true environmentalist.  He is a careful listener whose thorough knowledge of sustainable architecture precepts and clean design sensibility would be an asset to any project.  

Juliet Whelan


During 2008 and 2009, I was selected as General Contractor to build an original Bill Craig design for a single family home located in Newbury, Vt.  His drawings were detailed, clear to follow, with appropriate specifications for the various trades involved. I was very impressed by how Bill Craig incorporated the wishes of his client, the principles of Green building, and sound construction into a coordinated, detailed vision of an aesthetically striking and functional building, both inside and out.  The fact that the client, architect, and builder were separated by international borders and significant distances did not affect the smoothness of communication and the flow of the work. I would welcome future opportunities for collaboration with Mr. Craig.  

Brad Johnston